See below for information concerning our Mission, Founders, and Charter Documents.


The Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School is an urban K-6 Science and Technology school, committed to excellence in education. We believe all students can excel as learners and citizens when provided a rich, supportive, and stimulating educational environment. The BBCPS is the inspiration of concerned community leaders, parents, and educators, with the common vision and purpose of providing all Cambridge and local youth, regardless of race, culture, language, or socioeconomic status, with a high quality education.



The Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School will be known as a school that is changing the face of public education. It will be an example of educational excellence and dignity. Banneker students will excel in all academic and non-academic areas, and be well prepared for high school and beyond. They will respect themselves, their classmates, school, community, and the value of education.

All members of the Banneker community will support each other in pursuit of these common goals. We will exhibit commitment, compassion, patience, and perseverance. We will strive to meet the needs of each student and we will challenge all students – expecting achievement and celebrating success when our students soar.



Jeffrey Brown, Scott Darling, Roger Farinha, George Greenidge, Eddie Harris, Caroline Hunter, Lori Hynes, Chris Kelley, Filomena La Rosa Waters, Elaine Lisenby, William McLaurin, Charles Nesson, Fern Nesson, Charles Ogletree, Pam Ogletree, Kathy Reddick, Sharon Reid, Lynette Riley Belle, Elaine Thorne, Wayne Williams

For more information about Benjamin Banneker, the academic and scientist, please click HERE.