Technology: department

The vision of the Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School is to create a rich learning environment where science and technology provide a means for learning and development so that our students are better equipped to participate in and improve upon the world in which they live. Our mission is to facilitate all parts of the educational process by providing state of the art technology, support, and training in conjunction with the goals laid out in our Three-Year Technology Plan.

Here at the Banneker Charter School, the term "Technology" takes on many meanings. It represents WHAT we are trying to teach and HOW we teach it. It prepares students for life and employment in the future, but it also prepares and engages students on a day to day basis in the classroom. Our staff, in and out of the Technology Department, pride ourselves on exposing our students to new and emerging technologies. Please don't hesitate to contact us (using the link below) if you have any questions or suggestions.


Jared Perrine
Director of Innovation, Technology & Digital Learning

Anesta Hicks
Technology Facilitator

Chuck Fisher
Computer Technician


STEAMS (STEM) Expo- June 7