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Ms. Racela K-6

I am excited to be a part of the Banneker community!  As the speech-language pathologist, I work to screen, assess, and provide services for students who have difficulties understanding and expressing language.  Strong speech and language skills are essential to academic success, as these skills influence reading, writing, listening, and participating in the classroom. In our sessions, students work to improve their communication skills, based on their own individual needs. While some students may work on pronouncing a specific sound, other students may work on sequencing words to organize a story.

Due to communication difficulties, our students may be limited in their ability to show how much they truly know. It is important to me that all students' voices are heard.  My goal as an educator is to ensure that our students develop the communication skills that are necessary in allowing them to share their unique ideas and thoughts. I invite you to use this page as a resource to learn more about the way that your child communicates as well as what you can do to support your child's speech and language skills.

Contact Information:
Phone: 617-497-7771 ext. 221


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