This website is a work in progress. It is important for us to provide information about the handling of student information and expectations of privacy at Banneker. Some of these topics may seem "technical" or confusing, but we have organized each of the privacy subcategories into six areas for ease of understanding. It is of the utmost importance for us to be completely transparent with students, parents, and the larger Banneker community regarding this topic.   

Parental Consent

For years we have send home our Authorization Form regarding use of student likeness, name, and other identifying information in school photos, documentation, conferences, publications, websites, etc.  The school maintains a database that is constantly updated that school personnel (such as classroom teachers) can reference when preparing these documents.

School Firewall, Servers, and Secure Traffic

The school is required to do several things to protect student information. We maintain a secure firewall, with a regularly updated content filter. We maintain site wide virus protection, secure offsite tunneling, minimized port forwarding, and many other things that would keep internal information on the inside of our network. As well, we are required to archive all school emails for 5 years. This email server is also hosted internally.

Remote Management Software & Monitoring

Software such as Apple Remote Desktop and LAN School is used to troubleshoot technical problems and monitor student participation in classroom tasks. Because none of our student devices are allowed to be taken home, this minimizes the invasive nature of this software during personal time. Each moment spent on a device while on campus is meant to serve an educational goal, and therefore this software is used to help students with this endeavor. 

Expectation of Privacy at School

Though the school values individual privacy greatly, the school must also balance this right with the ability to maintain a school environment that is both safe and conducive to learning. In order to comply with federal and state law, the school maintains software and procedures to ensure this safe educational environment. Therefore we have included the following language in the Parent Handbook: "Users are reminded that they shall have no expectation of privacy when using the School’s information technology."   

Contracts and Sharing with Private Companies

The school is authorized to partner with 3rd party companies and agencies in order to procure software and hardware to assist with teaching and learning. In some cases, the school may share student data to these partners for access to their resources, but only after a thorough examination of the 3rd party privacy policies. For a partial list of these companies/products, please see below:

Classlink, Google, Brainpop, Lexia, Follet Destiny, Discovery Education, i-Ready, IXL, Pebble Go, Razkids, Reflex Math, Starfall, Typing Club, Xtramath, Flocabulary, Learning A-Z, Powerschool, Level Data, My School Bucks (Heartland School Solutions)

Surveillance Camera Policy

We currently have a security camera, outward facing, in both buildings. As well, there are security cameras on some of our buses. The school is currently seeking legal advice on whether or not to include language about these cameras in our Parent handbook.