Baker-Polito Administration Honors Outstanding Educators

BOSTON — State officials this week recognized the Massachusetts Teacher of the Year and other recipients of the Commonwealth’s top honors for educators.

“Massachusetts teachers are instrumental in preparing the leaders of tomorrow for success after they leave the classroom,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “We are very pleased to recognize these Massachusetts public school teachers today for the hard work, dedication and creativity they bring to their students every day,” (READ MORE)

Banneker Wins the Pozen Award

"The Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School, a K1-6 Commonwealth Charter school in Cambridge, has been selected as the winner of the sixth Annual Pozen Prize for Innovative Schools in Massachusetts. The Pozen Prize is awarded to one school annually, chosen through a rigorous school selection process that includes a panel review of student academic outcomes; innovations in practice and ongoing programs that enhance student success." READ MORE

Cambridge students take field trip to see ‘Black Panther’ screening

"CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (WHDH) — Students from the Benjam Banneker Charter School took a field trip Wednesday to see superhero movie “Black Panther.”

Fifth and sixth grade students dressed in their best costumes inspired by the movie for the field trip. Teachers and students said they loved the movie, saying it was inspiring to see their own culture on the big screen." READ MORE

Banneker Part of Study

"Cooperation among genetically unrelated individuals can be supported by direct reciprocity. Theoretical models and experiments with adults show that the possibility of future interactions with the same partner can promote cooperation via conditionally cooperative strategies such as tit-for-tat (TFT). Here, we introduce a novel implementation of the repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma (PD) designed for children to examine whether repeated interactions can successfully promote cooperation in 10 and 11 year olds. We find that children cooperate substantially more in repeated PDs than in one-shot PDs. We also find that girls cooperate more than boys, and that children with more conduct problems cooperate less. Finally, we find that children use conditional cooperation strategies but that these strategies vary by gender and conduct problem rating. Specifically, girls and children with few conduct problems appear to follow an altruistic version of win-stay, lose-shift (WSLS), attempting to re-establish cooperation after they had defected. Boys and children with more conduct problems appear to follow a Grim strategy, defecting for the duration after the partner defects. Thus we provide evidence that children utilize the power of direct reciprocity to promote cooperation in strategic interactions and that, by late elementary school, distinct strategies of conditional cooperation have emerged." (READ MORE)

Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School to provide free meals

"The Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School is participating in a free breakfast and lunch program for the 2016-17 school year.
All enrolled students may participate in the School Breakfast Program and the National School Lunch Program. Household applications are not required to receive free meals, but applications may be distributed by the school to collect household income data for other programs that require this information." READ MORE

Cambridge City Council Resolves Banneker Achievements

"The Commonwealth of Massachusetts recently recognized schools throughout the state for high achievement, strong academic progress, and narrowing achievement gaps; and one of the schools recognized for these achievements, Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School, who was recognized for helping students who traditionally struggle to make dramatic academic progress; now therefore be it that the City Council go on record commending Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School for their excellent achievement in providing a quality education to their students..." READ MORE



Cambridge charter schools rank among top-performing schools in state

"Two Cambridge charter schools were recently ranked among the top performing schools in the state, according to recent state assessment scores.

The Community Charter School of Cambridge and the Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School, both of Cambridge, are two of only 45 schools in the state to be commended by Commissioner Mitchell Chester for high achievement, making strong academic progress or narrowing the achievement gaps between low-income minority and affluent white students." READ MORE

Cambridge charter schools excel on PARCC test

"Students at Cambridges’ two charter public schools met or surpassed state averages on all Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests administered last spring.

Community Charter School of Cambridge and Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School are among about 300 Massachusetts school districts that opted to give the PARCC test in the spring of 2015 as an alternative to The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, under a two-year state pilot." READ MORE

Technology Director- 2015 MassCUE Pathfinder Award

MassCUE’s Pathfinder Award is presented to a Massachusetts educator and leader whose efforts have greatly enhanced the field of educational technology. This person has gone “above and beyond” in demonstrating leadership and providing inspiration to other educators. This award is granted to: PK-12 school teachers, technology coordinators, and school administrators.

Kindergarteners excited over penguins write, draw their way to DuPont prize

"The “Science Is Fun Day” coming Tuesday to Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School, hosted by DuPont and NASA and featuring a surprise guest, didn’t just happen – it’s part of the grand prize won by kindergarten students as part of the annual Dupont Challenge.

Teachers taking part in the chemical company’s challenge choose a community-oriented science challenge for their class, research the topic, plan a project, analyze and interpret data and have students tell the story in handwritten and hand-drawn pages." READ MORE

Growing up, giving back

"In the first 10 minutes of watching Javion Rookard in action, the 19-year-old director of the Cambridge Youth Enrichment Program (CYEP) took two phone calls, answered a text, helped soothe an upset child in need of a Band-Aid, finished cleaning the cafeteria after lunch, and directed a group where it needed to go. And he did it all with a smile.

“I’ve always wanted to be director … Being director really means you can do anything. It means you have to do anything,” Rookard said. 'I’m the lunch guy, the teacher, the trainer, the manager, the fundraiser. It teaches you to wear so many hats and be able to juggle multiple things at once … This job is never over. I don’t go home at 5 p.m. My phone never stops buzzing. It’s crazy, but I absolutely love it.'” READ MORE

Eastern Bank awards Banneker $5,000 grant for summer program

Bay State Banner

“Eastern Bank has presented the Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School with a $5,000 grant to help support the STEM elementary school’s summer program. The program, which runs from June 30 to Aug. 1, provides continued academic, social, and health and wellness education to Banneker students. Students continue to work on grade level with literacy, math and science lessons, according to a press release from the Banneker school…” READ MORE

Cambridge’s Benjamin Banneker Charter School holds STEAM fair

Bay State Banner

“Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School, a STEM school in Cambridge, reached beyond its science and technology core for its recent student expo. The annual expo, held this week, became a “STEAMS” expo, integrating science, technology, engineering, art, math, and social studies for the first time…” READ MORE

Banneker Charter School teaches students about sustainability

Cambridge Chronicle

“Staff and students at the Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School are learning about safe ways to tap in to earth’s resources without draining them through a new curriculum initiative. Over the last several months, students in kindergarten through sixth grade learned how subjects in science, technology, engineering, arts, math and social studies – or S.T.E.A.M.S. – interconnect and relate to real-life applications…” READ MORE

Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School holds its annual STEAMS Expo on June 10

Cambridge Day

“Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School holds its annual STEAMS Expo on June 10 to give students the chance to show the community what they’ve learned about sustainability. The school’s kid-friendly definition of sustainability is “using without using up,” and Banneker teachers and staff have been working across the curriculum and grade levels in the past year on a STEAMS curriculum designed to make students understand and appreciate the world around them, school leaders said in a press release…” READ MORE


Three Cambridge schools join together Tuesday for first local charter school fair

Cambridge Day

“Cambridge’s three charter schools are joining for the first time to host a charter school fair. It takes place Tuesday evening at the Cambridge Community Center. It gives parents and others the chance to learn about charter schools in general and about Cambridge’s specifically…” READ MORE