MATHEMATICS: Department information

Math at Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School

The Banneker math program is closely aligned with the Massachusetts State Standards and Practices and aims to ensure that all students develop solid quantitative reasoning, collaborative work habits, creative problem solving and math fact fluency. In order to meet the needs of all our students we have developed a curriculum using a variety of resources and materials. We use assessments, conferences and observations to keep track of student progress and have interventions to address student needs when necessary. We use accountable talks, journaling and think, pair, shares to help students explore and verbalize their thinking and to question others’ thinking. Enrichment and support opportunities are provided to complement the development and learning styles of all learners. We believe and expect all students to be engaged and successful mathematicians and work towards building confidence and a love of math.


Math Coaches

Lynette Culverhouse (Grades K–2)
617-497-7771 ext.229

Tasheika Johnson (Grades 3–6)
617-497-7771 ext. 227

The coaches oversee the math curriculum and support classroom teachers by assisting with lesson planning and teaching. The coaches would love to hear from parents with stories, questions or concerns.