Grades 1-3

Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell's system for children ingrades K–2 who find reading and writing difficult. It is a small-group programdesigned to work in conjunction with Reading Recovery as an additional safety netfor struggling children. Unlike Reading Recovery where teachers work withchildren one-on-one, LLI teachers work with groups of three students five timesper week for 18 weeks with the goal of bringing them to grade level.

  • Combines reading, writing, and specific work on sounds, letters, and words
  • Provides explicit teaching of effective strategies for writing, and uses writing to extend understanding of texts and of words
  • Emphasizes teaching for comprehending strategies
  • Continuum of student understandings to guide the series of lessons
  • Uses authentic texts
  • Is ideal for teachers who provide small group reading support in the primary grades, including Reading Recovery teachers, Title I teachers, and reading teachers.

At the BenjaminBanneker Charter Public School we have two Reading Teachers who are currentlyimplementing LLI in grades 1- 3. Students in these groups are selected based on internal assessments andteacher recommendations.