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Professional Development (Tech)

  • New Staff: August 15 @9:00am

  • Welcome Back: August 20 @9-10

  • Tuesday Trainings: Sept. 17, Nov. 12, Jan. 14, Mar. 17

Click here for topics and slide decks from past PD.

Technology Screencasts

Please go to our Vimeo channel by clicking the logo.

Jan. 15 Tech PD will be based around Twitter Chats. Alternative twitter chats can be found at: #edchatma (8-9 p.m. EST on Sunday) and #SlpSpedChat. Alternatives can be found HERE and HERE.

March 5 Tech PD will be based around EdCamps. Alternative Edcamps can be found HERE.

Website Guidelines

  1. Classroom and Departmental Websites will be updated no less than monthly, beginning November 2010.

  2. Classroom teachers and TAs will work with the Computer Facilitator on their website when their class has "Technology" in the lab. Weekly meetings are encouraged. Monthly updates will be required.

  3. All classroom sites should include AT LEAST the following pages: a homepage with a welcome message, a "typical day" schedule, a calendar, pictures, student projects, and a "contact" page.

  4. All Departmental sites should include AT LEAST the following pages: a homepage with a welcome message, departmental information, useful links, a calendar, document downloads, and a "contact" page.

  5. All navigation links will be on the left hand side of the site and be, for the most part, alphabetized. Pages within the website link back to the home page. All page designs (header picture, colors scheme) will match that of the Banneker home page. Please do not change the "Design" in the Schoolcenter interface.

  6. "Department Heads" will send updates to the Technology Integration Director for website updates regularly.

  7. Users will refrain from creating unmoderated public comments/discourse. Be cautious with site templates, such as: Blogs, Forums, Guestbooks, and Opinion Polls.

  8. The website shows signs of being proofread; there are no spelling or grammar errors.

  9. Students will have permission to be displayed on websites. The full name of a child will not be displayed.

Getting Your Website Ready for the Summer

  1. Change the Greeting on the Welcome/Home Page.

  2. Remove or archive old pictures and student work.

  3. Change your schedule and calendar to say something like, "This section of the website will be updated by…."

  4. Remove or archive message boards, blogs, or forums.

  5. Put a message on the contact page: "I will be away from my email during the summer months…"

  6. Put your summer homework on your webpage.

Other Website Guidelines

  1. Please don't strip off your website content too early before the summer.

  2. Instead of packets, consider adding the following sites for summer work: Fastmath, Riverdeep, and Lexia.

  3. Your website is a great way for you to introduce yourself to your upcoming class, consider updating your website during the summer months. Instead of sending home a huge packet before school starts, you can put most of the information on your website and send home a postcard with the web link.