Gmail cutover will take place the weekend of July 14


  1. Rich GSuite Integration (Google Drive, Calendar, Classroom, Youtube, etc.)
  2. Firstclass Calendar Issues will be resolved.
  3. Mobile Device Client (all devices).
  4. Improved searchability
  5. Personal Spam Management
  6. Free!


  1. Verify your mail is in your Mailbox
  2. Flatten out and properly name Mailbox folders
  3. Sort Messages by "Size" and backup/delete emails 25MB or larger
  4. Export Contacts (vcf) and Calendar (csv). CLICK HERE for Google Contacts.
  5. Set proper permissions on your calendars


What about Faculty Conference?

Faculty Conference was a name we used for three services:

  1. All staff messages- This will be done with an email listed called "All Staff"
  2. File storage- This will be done with Team Drive called "Faculty Conference"
  3. Calendar reservations- This will be done with ONE calendar called "Reservation Calendar"