support services: COUNSELING SERVICES

Ms. Theodoris


As the School Counselor, I work to support students’ social and emotional needs so they are better able to attend to their schoolwork.  Social and emotional skills are important for children to develop to support their life long learning.  I provide individual counseling, small group counseling, and one-time sessions for students.  I work with students on a range of topics.  Some of these areas are: social skills, friendships, emotional regulation, anger management, time management/organization, anxiety about school, and bullying.  I work with students to develop and learn tools that will help them with the challenges they are facing.  The goal is for the students to be able to independently use their tools at home and at school.  I also work with teachers to ensure that the social and emotional needs of students are being met in the classroom.  

Contact Information:
Phone: 617-417-2775, ext. 223