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The Banneker Extended Enrichment Program (BEE) is an academic reinforcement program, with an emphasis on learning through extra curricular enrichment. We encourage children to have creative play and activities to learn about themselves and the world around them. Students are to complete homework, build good study habits and explore activities such as arts and crafts, languages, and subjects that may lead to lifelong interests and widen their world of possibilities. Students also learn basic conflict resolution and leadership skills.  All students are encouraged to feel safe to be themselves as they learn to work within the community while in the program.   The BEE is a family-style community where we all work together to support each individual child in their growth towards adolescence.


BEE Program Details

  • Program Hours: From School Dismissal until 6 p.m

  • Program Days: All full school days

  • Grades: We accept all grades from PK - 6

  • Closed: 1/2 school days, holidays and vacations

  • General Schedule: Snack, Homework, Thematic Activities/Specials

  • Fee: $15 per day per child, paid monthly in advance reserves space

  • We do accept vouchers.


One time annual - Family Application Fee $25

August $ 60 January $285
September $285 February $225
October $315 March $300
November $240 April $240
December $225 May $285
June $195

*Snow Days will alter payments and will be reconciled the following months

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