The Science curriculum at Banneker aligns with the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework/Next Generation Science Standards. It is based on these four domains of Science:  Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Science and Technology/Engineering.


This curriculum focuses on the following:

  • Conceptual understanding; vocabulary building, understanding and using the language of science.
  • Reading carefully to extract meaning; using concept maps to organize information, identify relationships, and making connections.
  • Keeping records of investigations and activities
  • Learning to ask questions and to research answers about our natural world
  • Making oral presentations to peers and others outside of the classroom
  • Developing critical thinking, problem solving skills and a love for science by doing research investigations, inquiry based activities, creating and using models, and role-playing.


Investigations in our science classes are inquiry based.  Students will work in small groups; ask questions, form hypotheses, design experimental strategies to yield useful results. One important aspect of science classes will be the use of science journals.  Students will use composition notebooks as journals for recording daily and neatly all work done in science:  classwork, homework, investigations, responses to open response questions.


In science classes informational text will be used from a variety of sources such as

  • Text books
  • Periodicals: National Geographic for kids, Time for Kids, Kids Discover, Science World, Current Science.
  • Internet, Brain Pop, Newspaper Articles and resource persons.


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