Literacy Websites
Grades: K-3, primarily 1 st and 2 nd grade

This web page has beginning reading and alphabet activities, as well as games and stories that the children can read themselves or that can be read aloud.  You can also print short stories and do online worksheets.
Grades: 1-6, primarily 3-6

This site is for literacy.  When you click on the "Student Materials," you will be brought to an index of all the activities.  Most pertain to older students, but there are a few that help a child develop the basic skills necessary to read.
Grades: K-6

This website provides links for many aspects of literacy.  There are links to other games and author websites, as well as information for parents to help their child learn to read.  This site also breaks up activities by grade level- preschool, elementary, middle and high school.

Math Websites

Grade: 3-6

This website is designed for 3 rd through 6 th graders build, design, and analysis 2D and 3D graphs and charts.  This website is easy to used and an excellent online math resource.
Grade: K-6

This website is centered on rote skills, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.   There are four sections-flashcards, games, worksheets, and homework helper.  The flashcard section has interactive flashcards on the computer, where you can adjust the difficulty and keep score of the number correct.  There are four main games in the game section that all work on the basic skills.  The worksheet section has worksheets that can be printed or completed online and the homework helper allows you to plug in a problem and answer and will tell you if you are correct.
Grade:   K-6

This site provides headings for topics within math.   When you click on a topic, such as "addition," you will be taken to a new web page with games only pertaining to that topic.   It has so many games and many math topics covered in school: math facts, fractions, logic puzzles, measurement, money, time, place value, word problems, and many other topics.   It is a nice site when you have a specific topic to review or want to practice.
Grade: K-6

This site is a fun and interactive website where students can click on a topic and choose a game of their choice.  It is broken down into many topics and takes you directly to a game.  It also shows children ways to solve problems, which could be helpful for parents who many be confused about the work, or who are unsure how to help their kids.
Grade: K-12

This site is broken into two main sections: Primary (4-11) and Secondary (11-16).  There are math games, and literacy activities as well as other subjects.  If you click on "Numeracy" in the Primary Section, it will take you to another page with games. Each game includes possible ages and a brief overview of the skills covered in the game.  There are even parent links, which will provide other ideas for parents to do at home or give you an idea what the activity will cover.

Geography Websites
Grades: 3-7, primarily 4 th through 6 th grade

This web page has beginner and advance geography maps for students studying geography and learning the continents, counties, states, and capitals around the word. includes interactive maps and map quizzes for students to test their skills in world geography.  This is an excellent website for students grades 3 through 6.