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The Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School, a Pre-K through grade 6 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) school serving Cambridge and surrounding communities, is founded on the belief that all students are able to develop academic mastery, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, culture, home language, gender, or sexual orientation.  The staff of caring, dedicated, and highly qualified professionals integrates language and fine arts into the standards-based STEM curricula and uses authentic data to monitor every studentís growth and achievement.


Jeffrey Brown, Scott Darling, Roger Farinha, George Greenidge, Eddie Harris, Caroline Hunter, Lori Hynes, Chris Kelley, Filomena La Rosa Waters, Elaine Lisenby, William McLaurin, Charles Nesson, Fern Nesson, Charles Ogletree, Pam Ogletree, Kathy Reddick, Sharon Reid, Lynette Riley Belle, Elaine Thorne, Wayne Williams

For more information about Benjamin Banneker, the academic and scientist, please click HERE.