Math at Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School

All students can be competent and successful in math!  The math program at the Benjamin Banneker  Charter Public School is designed to promote students' achievement of deep conceptual understanding, strong computational skills, and creative problem-solving approaches. At the Banneker School, we monitor our students'progress closely. Assessments are given throughout the year; teachers and other staff members are able to intervene promptly to help students who are struggling with any material.  With time, effort and perserverance, all students are able to succeed.


Math Coaches

Lynette Culverhouse (Grades K–2)
617-497-7771 ext.229

Tasheika Johnson (Grades 3–6)
617-497-7771 ext. 227

The coaches oversee the math curriculum and support classroom teachers by assisting with lesson planning and teaching. The coaches would love to hear from parents with stories, questions or concerns.