Ms. Marre K-6    


As the English as a Second Language teacher, I work to assess, guide, and provide services for English language learners.   I work to increase English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Instruction is individualized because students have their own specific needs and learning styles.  I use a great deal of manipulatives and visuals within my instruction.   I also collaborate with the classroom teachers to plan effective instruction for the students.  

Learning a new language as well as adapting to a new culture can be difficult for many children.  My goal is to provide all English language learners appropriate instruction to aquire the essential skills and academic language to become successful members of their community.  In order to fulfill my goal, my classroom is an environment that fosters positive self-image for each student and cross-cultural sensitivity. 

To contact:
Phone:  617-497-7771, ext. 201
Email:  amarre@banneker.org