As they say, "Raising a child takes a village." So in that spirit,  below are some links to resources that may help during the ever changing times of childhood and education. Click on each link to get more in-depth information. If you have any resources to suggest, please contact Ms. Brothers so we can add to the "communal knowledge."

Code Breaker/Detective Skills: NSACIAScience Spot

Back to School Suggestions
Getting back into the swing of the school year...the excitement, the nervousness, the uncertainty, the plans...

Children's Trust Fund Parent Resources
All children deserve to grow up in homes where they are loved and nurtured from the start. Their experiences from birth and throughout early childhood have a profound effect on their emotional and physical development. That is why the Children's Trust Fund (CTF) focuses on working with parents as early as possible. Family life, parenting, and early education programs are key ingredients when it comes to helping children acquire a healthy foundation for the rest of their lives. How do they help parents? They fund Massachusetts Family Centers so that parents with children under age six have access to parenting education programs, playgroups and more. CTF offers a newborn home visiting program called Healthy Families Massachusetts. It is specifically designed for first-time parents under age 21. Community-based organizations receive funding from CTF so that they can offer Parenting Education and Support Programs. Also, CTF created the award-winning online parenting resource,, which provides information and tips 24/7.

Making Friends
The Women's and Children's Health Network has many topics to help both students and parents work their way through the trials and tribulations of growing up.

3D geography of volcanoes

BBC dinosaur information

Bitesize Volcanoes

Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Dinosaur Directory and More

Dinosaur Videos

Dinosaurs for older students


Facts about volcanoes

Kids Dinosaur Website

Kids Only Dinosaurs

National Geographic Kids

Natural History Museum Volcanoes

Parenting Journey

Virtual Dinosaur Dig

Volcanoes and Weather

What is a volcano